Aria Lintonen

Aria Lintonen

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Alter: 23
Geburtstag: 9 Februar

Über mich:

Hello there!

I am 17 years old girl from Finland. I'm studying to be a truck driver so I have to raise my language skills. I thought English and German will be the most important languages for my job :)

At spare time I love to dance, sing, walk, write, talk and think about the things. I'm interested in politics and society. (And many many MANY more things in fact!) My future plans, after I have graduated of course, is going to army and get a job there!

I'm really social and many people says that speaking with me is very easy and comfortable so, why won't you get the change and come talk to me?

Send me message here or in the Facebook! We can negotiate about other social media contacts also. :)


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