Gerasimos Kav

Gerasimos Kav

Persönliche Informationen

Alter: 27
Geburtstag: 12 November

Über mich:

Hello!My name is Gerasimos, I am 24 years old, Greek and I live in Greece(yeah, what a coincidence!). Greek is my native language and with the non-Greek speakers I can talk in English without difficulty. I try to learn better Russian and German(I have certificates in these two) and I have some knowledge in Italian. I would like to become a good speaker in the languages I try to learn and hopefully one day visit many countries!

In my free time I volunteer in the dog shelter or ride my bike around my city(Thessaloniki, Greece). If you would like to learn Greek, stuff about Greece and hopefully help me with one of the languages I try to learn, don' t hesitate to contact me!


Ich spreche:

  • Griechisch (Griechenland) | Muttersprache
  • Englisch | Mittelstufe

Ich lerne: